Balancing Body, Mind, and Spirit
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   Carolyn Keller Sells,
Owner and director of Yoga Energy Therapy and Yoga Energy Institute
Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), 
E-RYT 500 and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP)
Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher (CLYT),
Certified Yoga for Round Bodies Teacher (CYRBT)
Kripalu Yoga In Schools Certified Teacher (KYISCT)
Hatha Vinyasa Yoga
Ayurveda Therapy
Pilates Mat 1
Laughter Yoga
Yoga for Seniors
Restorative Yoga
Thai yoga Therapy
AcroYoga Therapy
Yoga for Round Bodies
Kripalu Yoga In Schools

Member of International Association of Yoga Therapist (IAYT)
CPR & First Aid certified  

Carolyn is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with over 500 hours of training (ERYT500),
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP)
Certified Yoga Therapist (CYT) with International Associates of Yoga Therapy (IAYT)
Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher (CLYT)
Kripalu Yoga in Schools Certified Teacher (KYIS-CT)

She brings years of experience and knowledge to the curriculum for Yoga Energy Institute. 
Carolyn has presented at Yoga Festivals, events, Health Fairs, radio interviews, and the Symposium for Yoga Therapists and Research (SYTAR).

She offers yoga to many diverse communities, MCV patients, VCU students, Teens in Crisis, Older Adults, Corporations, Toddlers, Children of all ages, Families, Christian groups, Gyms, Cancer Survivor groups, etc.

Carolyn offers private and specialty group sessions at her studio, Yoga Energy Therapy and at her home "Peace Hill Chateau" located in Montpelier, VA.

Carolyn's desire to reduce stress and simplify her life after many years working in the coporate world and sitting at a computer majority of the time led her to the field of Yoga and Pilates.
" I just love my job, I feel at peace; and I get to work barefoot! And most importantly I am able to help others find balance in their body, their minds, and their spirits!"

Her goal is to share the wonderful benefits of Yoga with others. Helping people  to reduce stress and improve their health by practicing yoga in a unique and fun way. Living a life that is well balanced, peaceful, joyful, and compassionate.

Experience the wonderful world through a unique approach to life. Understanding the importance of breathing and how we can reduce stress by simply breathing differently. Carolyn love's to share the many different styles of Pranayama (breathing techniques) with everyone that wishes to improve their lives.
    "I believe a yoga teacher should have the qualities of care and concern for others, meeting them where they are and helping them to learn and grow at a pace that is appropriate for the individual. I believe that a passionate teacher is best, someone who not only just teaches others, but is also a student. A great teacher is one that is constantly learning, growing, and expanding in knowledge and experience.

My goal is to be a model of compassion, encouragement, and an example of living a healthy lifestyle. I desire to help others find peace through the practice of yoga, self-exploration, and meditation on positive thoughts. I see so many people stressed to the maximum and not even remembering to breathe deeply. (I used to be one these people.) I am committed to teaching yoga in a fun, interesting, calm, and relaxing atmosphere."  
Carolyn - January 2011

I will always be continuing on my journey with Yoga. I finished my additional 300 plus hours of therapeutic teacher training in July of 2014. My desire is to help others find peace for their bodies, minds, and hearts.  I am very excited about this life long educational adventure. My students continue to offer me the best education of experience. Thank you for continued support and feedback! If you are interested in Therapeutic Yoga, I am here to help with your goals. Allow Yoga Therapy to be part of your healing process.  Please give me a call or email.
Carolyn-July 2014

As I continue to grow as a teacher I was fortunate to receive a grant to attend the Kripalu Yoga In Schools training at Kripalu in Stockbridge, MA. This was a wonderful experience for me. I hope to be able to offer this very beneficial curriculum into the local schools for young people and their teachers and caregivers. I am now a Kripalu Yoga In Schools Certified Teacher, KYISCT! 
Carolyn- August 2016

Yoga Energy Therapy is proud to present: Yoga Energy Institute! A place to continue the journey of Yoga and Ayurveda to help others and yourself.

Become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader! You do not need to be a Yoga Teacher to be a Laughter Yoga Leader, just be willing to learn and share with others!

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) Yoga Energy Institute is a 200 RYS (Registered Yoga School) with Yoga Alliance.

Quotes from some of her students:

"I just love your yoga class. I leave and feel that my face is glowing from the peacefulness of the practice. I have a lot of stress from work and it feels so good in the middle of my work day to come and practice yoga and feel all my stresses just melt away. Thank you.
October 2017- Constance

"Thank you for such great instructions, I knew exactly what to do with my body, how to focus on my breath, and to be aware of my thoughts and feelings."
Hot Yoga class at VCC- June 2017- Tim

"Thank you for a very well-rounded class. I feel very relaxed, yet ready for my day!"
PYR- Peaceful Yoga class- June 2017- Sharon

"I am so glad that we had a restorative yoga practice today. I am getting ready to go to a job interview and I now feel calm and relaxed. Thank you.
March 2017~VCU student with the Kripalu curriculum Yoga in Schools class

"I feel so much more relaxed after practicing Yoga today. My mind feels more clear and my body feels more open. Thank you.
January 2017~ MCV patient (Psychiatric Critical Care Unit)

"I did not realize until we did cat/cow and pressed halfway back to our heels on the cat pose that my mid back felt super tight. Thank you for helping to release an area of my body that needed more openness that I was not even aware of!"
August 2016- Evelyn

"thank you for yet one more wonderful yoga class. I love that you always seem to offer something unique and different to each practice.
July 2016- Kristi

"Great parent/toddler yoga class! So much fun with our kids climbing all over us for some Yoga!
Hank's mom- July 2015

"I now know why my neurologist has been suggesting yoga to me. I feel so relaxed and having MS, this is really a nice practice. Thank you Carolyn.
Jackie- July 2015

"I feel grateful and joyful. Thank you."
Quong-July 2015

"I enjoyed the outdoor yoga class at "Peace Hill Chateau" in Montpelier. The beauty and sounds of nature were wonderful. I must confess that I kept my eyes open during savasana, looking up at the tree tops and the blue sky and white puffy clouds. Thank you for a unique experience.
Kristy- June 2015

"Thank you for offering such a caring class. I was able to do more than I thought. Your instructions are clear and precise, your humor adds to the fun, and your soft voice helps me to relax. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love of yoga."
Emma- May 2015

"I feel so much more relaxed, thank you so very much. I almost fell asleep during the savasana, your voice is so soft and gentle."
Nurse from 3North, MCV hosptial, Psychiatric Unit, December, 2014

"That was such a fun class! Thank you, I am so relaxed and feel stretched out all over!"
Grace- December 2014

"Thank you for the Family Acro class at the Floyd Yoga Jam 2014, it was so much fun! I just loved practicing yoga with my kids, it helped us to feel closer.
Steve- August 2014

"Thank you Carolyn for such a fun-filled Yoga class that has options for everyone. You truly do offer yoga for all. Even when I came into a group class and could not get down on the floor. You made me feel welcome and accepted and part of the group. Thank you!"
Sherrie-April 2014

"Thank you for a wonderful Yin Yoga class. I felt so open afterward, not only in my body, but also my sinuses!"
Faye- March 2014

"I just love the shoulder press that you offer during Savasana. It helps me to really feel more grounded and relaxed. Please do it again!"
Constance- February 2014

"It has only been a few weeks since I began private Yoga therapy sessions and people have already noticed a diference in me. I feel so much better, I am breathing more fully and standing more often. My private Yoga Therapy sessions are what I look forward to all week!"
TT. ~ January 2014

"I am stronger and feel so much leaner and lighter after Pilates class. Thank you!"
Pat- October 2013

What was your favorite part of the yoga class? (KIDS YOGA 4-8 year olds) "I liked it all!, I like the tree pose., I liked mountain pose. I liked the end, the resting pose. I like the "do nothing pose" at the end of class. I like Namaste!  I like the partner poses, rock and lizzard are my favorites! I liked it all. I liked the butterfly pose."

 "I feel so much better after your yoga class, thank you!"
Kristi- September 2013

"I have enjoyed taking classes from Carolyn. She is so clear and concise on her instructions, always adding a bit of fun and humor to every class. I especially enjoyed the guided meditation at the end. 61 points, I actually felt tingling in each point afterward!
American Family Fitness Member - VCC, August 2013

"I enjoy taking your classes, Carolyn. You always include something for everyone, regardless of age, ability, or confidence level. I leave your Yoga class feeling so much better. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Lynn-July 2013

"I really enjoyed my first couple of yoga classes, I had no idea how great I would feel after class. Yoga is great for everyone! I look forward to my journey with Yoga."
Melinda-June 2013

"Thanks for such a playful yoga class at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts with Project Yoga Richmond! Your class is always so much fun and so enjoyable. Over 160 people had a great time on this cool Memorial Day weekend practicing Yoga together, connecting to each other, and feeling the hearts unite as one."
Nat-May 2013

"I felt so great after my very first yoga class with Carolyn. I really felt as if my muscles had melted into the floor! I am so excited about my new journey of Yoga."
Lynn-May 2013

"My hips felt so great after last weeks Yin class. I was pain free for 3 days after that class! Thank you!"
Shelly-May 2013

"Wow! I feel wonderful! Thank you so very much, I practice at home, but never take time for shavasana, relaxation. I feel as if I have had a cranial sacral massage!"
Stella- April 2013

"I feel so much better after taking yoga and pilates from Carolyn, I am now sleeping better and without my normal chronic back pain. Thank you"
Sarah - March 2013

"I just love the way your yoga classes just flow, full of fun and joy, it goes very quickly, yet I still feel very relaxed and very re-energized."
Deborah - February 2013

" I really like the detailed description that you offer during the Pilates class. It really helped me to understand more about my alignment."
Heather -January 2013

"Thank you for a great class, I was so relaxed I think I fell asleep during the Yoga Nidra"
Rich - January 2013

"I feel so great after Yin Yoga! I come into the class after  working 36 hours very tired, and the next day after YIN Yoga, I feel great, full of energy and ready to go!"
Cassey- December 2012

"I really enjoy the many options you offer during your classes. Always reminding students to do what is right for their bodies, keeping safety in mind and fun through out the class. I really felt my abs the next day after the Pilates class!"
Suzanne-July 2012

"Thank you for a wonderful Pilates class. I suffer from chronic rheumotoid arthritis and chrons disease. For the next 24 hours after your Pilates class I was pain free! I went 3 days before needing to take my pain meds again. This class is a miracle for me!"
J.M.- June 2012

"I really liked the core work in the yoga class, I plan to use the "canoe rowing" in my AcroYoga class!"
Jay- May 2012

"Great class as always. Thank you so very much. I really enjoyed the guided meditation, very relaxing."
Pat- April 2012

" Before class I was tired and sore, after DTM Yoga class I felt relaxed and Energized! Thank you so very much for a wonderful class!"
Rich-March 2012

"Thank you so very much for a great Yoga class, your instructions are perfectly timed. I feel so relaxed and energized at the end of class"
Lisa-February 2012

"It is so great to have you as my Yoga Teacher, you have helped me to balance my body, my mind, and my spirit. Thank you.
Steve-January 2012

"Carolyn is an awesome teacher, her instructions are clear and conscise. I am a professional kick-boxer and Pilates has improved my performance! Thank you Carolyn"
Alfredo-December 2011

"The Deep Tissue Massage Yoga was wonderful, I was without pain for 3 days straight! I am in chronic pain, so 3 full days pain-free was awesome! Thank you so very much!  When can we do it again?"
Beverly-December 2011

"I really enjoyed the Yin Yoga class. My back was hurting prior to the class from lifting the heavy turkey and playing with the grandchildren for Thanksgiving. Your class made my back feel so much better. Thank you!"
Margaret- November 2011 

"Thank you for the Laughter Yoga, it was a hoot! I will be laughing for days just thinking about the fun we had."
Diane - November 2011

"Thank you for a great Pilates class, I felt the work-out and loved the stretches!"
Yoomi- October 2011

"When can we do more Laughter Yoga? I loved it!"
Hannah - September 2011

"Thank you for including several different styles of pranayama (breathwork) into the Yoga class. It adds a very nice element to my practice."
Sid- September 2011

"Thank you so very much for a class that allowed me to release the tears. I really needed to let some emotions go. The stresses that I have built up so much the only way I could let go was at the end of your Yoga class. I really appreciate your bringing me to that point of release. 
M.- August 2011

"Thank you so very much for helping me to calm down the day of my wedding. I felt like I was having an anxiety attack and you helped to quiet me down. Just having you there to help me focus on breathing deeply and peacefully was wonderful. I really appreciate what you were able to do for me on my special day!"
Amanda - July 11, 2011

"You are an excellent Yoga teacher, your instructions are so clear, I know exactly what to do. I really enjoy your sense of humor during the class and the wonderful closing statements that you make at the end of class."
Annette - July 20, 2011

"I have thoroughly enjoyed learning and practicing Yoga from Carolyn, her voice is so soothing and her instuctions very clear, she teaches with a nice sense of humor."
Lady J. - July 15, 2011
"I felt a spiritual sensation during this yoga class. Thank you. I will be bringing my friends."
Braxton - June 2, 2011

"I really love the different breathing techniques. Thank you."
Scott - June 2, 2011

“I love that Yoga class. It makes me sleep so good for 2 days afterwards.”
Lillian - April 27, 2011
“I took a class just before a long road trip, and my back did not hurt.(it usually hurts horribly on long drives). Thank you for the best yoga class ever!”
Brenda - April 4, 2011
"Hi Carolyn...thanks again for today! I can feel it for sure ;-) Can't wait for the next session!"
Leslie -
March 16, 2011

“ I just wanted to take a nap and enjoy the relaxed feeling the rest of my day!” Wendy - March 7, 2011

“I feel so much better after class. As a diabetic, my blood sugar is down the days I do yoga.”
Doris - March 4, 2011

Carolyn Keller Sells, Certified Yoga Therapist, E-RYT500

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